Night Circus Roll up, roll up...June 22nd - At the all new DUKES.

One from the Circus Bizarre Shoot :-) These guys were great, emailed me separately and out of 7 aerialists who just happened to email me, i picked these two to be mimes!

Now get ready to think about your upcoming personality with these little mermaid tattoo designs and ideas for girls. Girls, you can share mermaid tattoo ide

Gothic outfit

Laura Dark Photography cool fashion circus steampunk victoriana theatre costume couture photo shoot , ringmasters daughter quirky style or halloween party stunner


//Compass Tattoo: As you know that a compass is known for the direction. Most of the people get a compass tattoo as a symbol of guidance towards the right path.

Lindsey Clark Boutique

Punk gothic alternative corset, black and white diamond burlesque clothing. Handmade for costume/ couture.

Harlequin <3

Costume for Caitlin. As you like wearing short flared skirts and cropped tops. Loose the collar as I think it may look better on the King who will be bare chested.

The Sad Clown by Cristina Matei

Stop by the Sideshow and meet Nancy, the Ex-Wife Who Still Knows All Your Tricks ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club