Jjok-jin-meori by Glimja on deviantART

This hairstyle is called "Jjok-jin-meori" or "Jjok-meori"(Meori means the hair). It is the basic style for married women,which means to make "Jjok" on their head. And the style of head dress for wo.


à guet. kim kyung soo – la splendeur des hanboks To watch. Kim Kyung soo - the splendor of the hanboks

Hanbok, A Queen's Hair by Glimja on deviantART

Hanbok, Womens' Hair / 2012 Hanbok is Korean traditional clothes, especially from During this period,women's hairstyle is mainly centered around 'braiding'.

Beautiful Korean traditional dress or ' Hanbok'

Hwang Jin Yi (황진이) Ha Ji Won stars as the legendary poet, musician, dancer, and gisaeng from the Joseon Era in a joung woman Korean