ArtStation - Forest Altar, Bas Jansen

Environment Grants provides a collection of resources on supporting healthy community environments.

I'm an environment artist at Vigil Games. We just wanted to share a few samples of our environment work on Darksiders

This is a village built on a shallow sea where the residents are living in a carefree life. This is one hotel building of this small village ,kinda like the vacation village in Southeast Asia  where you go on holiday. Hope you guys like it!

ArtStation - Battle Chasers Nightwar - Props, Ayhan Aydogan Plus

ArtStation - Heroes of the Storm, Michael vicente - Orb

Art dump of the work I do on heroes of the storm as a Senior Environment Artist. From old to more recent Let it load, lots of pics.

Hand Painted Campfire, Dennis Griesheimer on ArtStation at

This is a version of a campfire that will be used in the upcoming game (currently called project Lightheart).

Wow Legion environment art - Faf — polycount

Legion buildings - World of Warcraft, Fanny Vergne : I was responsible to create the Tomb of Sargeras and the legion buildings (modeling, texturing and lighting) for World of Warcraft "Legion".