This psa use of photo alterations and editing is really well done because everything inside the hour glass and the hour glass itself

Illustrations by Wenqing Yan

Illustrations by US based arist Wenqing Yan. Wenqing is a Practice of Art major at UC Berkeley with a focus on environmentalism and cyber activism. She specializes in digital art but also enjoy traditional watercolor, sculpting, and origami.


But it is foolish to believe that 8 billion humans could ever have an effect on the climate.

Environmental Awareness : Air Pollution by Boris Pelcer

Environmental Awareness : Air Pollution by Boris Pelcer. Illustrating the consequences of our actions and how they affect us is always a good angle as the guilt created is more direct. Using children especially boosts up the guilt factor.

global warming awareness

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Global Warming Hour Glass: “We are running out of time; act now before it’s too late.