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This is the layout of my personal website.The theme is space, and I drew illustrations and graphics in vector style. I'm currently working on the HTML code and CSS.Hope you like it!

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I like this for it's directness. It seems easy to navigate. there is no "noise" interrupting it. the bottom is a bit dark and seems a bit disjointed. I would like my theme to feel consistent. I like the use of photos, which accent the page but don't overw

Megan Note: Pinned because I love the minimalist amount of text and simplicity on each page. I don't think I'd want a long scroll down like she has.

Unica Personal One-page HTML5 Template

Buy Unica Personal One-page Template by AlexIlinStudio on ThemeForest. Unica is one-page template. Carefully handcrafted to introduce yourself or your agency. It has creative view, .

PUI's Portfolio

PUI's Portfolio

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