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I was born to save the doctor. The other ladies are NOT impressed. gif

I like the Donna moment. "Well isn't that WIZARD." That was kind of my thought too. I never really got why she was /born/ to save the Doctor. He had no part in her creation, she just so happened to have a big part in saving his life.

This was a great episode.

Craig and The Doctor From Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who ‘Closing Time’. Luv this episode, Craig is awesome!

Doctor Who is so awkward so often when you actualy start to think about it.... -_-

that awkward moment when your best friend kissed both your wife and your daughter. - Doctor who - rory, amy and river song>>>>That last kiss between The Doctor and Rory wasn't even in the script, Matt just likes kissing people.


I have no idea what's happening here, aside from Matt Smith being adorable.rawr obviously means I love you in dinosaur, duh

oh matt. lol poor Karen

Doctor Who Arthur Darvill Karen Gilligan Matt Smith "We're kind of thinking of starting a band called Karen and the Babes⎜We're the babes, that's Karen".

so many reasons for perf: karen’s arms are around arthur, arthur’s arms are around karen, matt is in a pond sandwich, matt is kissing arthur: perf

Left to right: Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams a. Rory Pond]), Matt Smith (the Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amelia Williams a. Amelia Pond or Amy Pond)