My wedding / 花中花 / 기자/에디터 : 한혜선 / 사진 : 이진수(VISU by jins 02-516-0566) / 모델 한으뜸 / 헤어&메이크업 에스휴(헤어 유성 메이크업 선덕 02-3448-3007) / 플라워 협조 유주희(엘리제플라워 02-545-5501)

Hanbok, korean traditional clothes / My wedding / 花中花 / 바이단 the world of Holly orient

Hanbok fashion show

Leading Hanbok designer Lee Young-hee presents modern interpretations of traditional designs in a Hanbok fashion show to celebrate the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS)'s anniversary on Dec.

Choi Jin-hyuk as gumiho Gu Wol Ryung in the historical drama The Book of the House of Gu.

Choi Jin Hyuk's breakthrough role came In Gu Family Book. Don't you think all 186 centimeters of him look spectacular down to every strand of his lovely hair? - 12 hot actors who rocked historical manes

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