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This is not: Another café This is: Armadale’s new local Established, sharp and friendly, Moby’s personality takes cues from its existing late 70’s shell. Celebrating the curve, iconic arched windows lining the corner façade frame the punches of Tuscan pink render and block teal within the interior. Friendly and approachable, this new all-day destination café is right at home in it's Armadale neighbourhood. Photography: Sharyn Cairns

Have seen this shot doing the rounds lately cause derrr, could there be a more pretty/slick/perfect/spesh (all of the above) space to park your bum and drink the good stuff ☕️ I think not. by shot by is goooooood 👌🏻

Datio Point of Sale Base Station and Cash Register for iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Air 2 with Point of Sale ( POS ) Software

Datio Point of Sale Base Station and Cash Register for iPad with Point of Sale ( POS ) Software, printer, cash drawer, scanner and credit card reader

iPad Point of Sale | Square Stand = $ 100 = SQUARE STAND Transform an iPad into a point of sale.= Square Stand comes ready to process credit cards. Swipe securely with the integrated card reader.

Speed up your line and simplify your transactions with Square Stand. Our iPad POS stand is secure & stylish and built to meet the needs of every business.