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put a picture of an author at the top and then pictures of book covers they have written.

Before & After Art Room Set Up

With budget cuts this year came some rearranging of elementary art teachers in our district to cover all 12 elementary schools. Along with my "home" school I returned to an old favorite and added a new to me school. The new school had a simple art room with really good art tables. When I walked into it this summer I saw a very white blank slate. Look - a chalkboard! Oh goodie - how old school. Here are the after shots - My Mona Wall Above each table is an artist with their work. I refer to…

Lo que no sabías de los Reyes Magos

Preterite tense with Frida Kahlo.

La página del español | Learn and Teach Spanish one lesson a day

Preterite tense with Frida Kahlo.

Non-Verbal Peruvian Spanish Slang Expressions: 9 Common Gestures Infographic and Videos

Check out this infographic with 9 non-verbal Peru Spanish slang expressions and incorporate these gestures into your Spanish language learning experience.

Torera Mijas España

BULLFIGHTER Body Paint TORERA MIJAS (Idea Original: INMA RICO) / Fotografía y Edición: JuanMa Rodriguez de Haro / Modelo: Isa Caribemix / Body Paint, Maquillaje, Peluquería y Estilismo: Mijas Natural Estética Estilismo

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Running of the Bulls and Bullfighting cultural activities for Spanish students - even has a board game - fun!

Corrida de Toros: Running of the Bulls & Bullfighting Cultural Unit

This unit was created to increase students' cultural awareness of both The Running of the Bulls and the Spanish tradition of bullfighting. Amidst the culture, there are also opportunities for students to apply Spanish vocabulary and grammar concepts in a variety of activities. One of the highlight...

Over 100 Trivia Questions about Spanish Life and Culture

Over 100 Trivia Questions about Spanish LIfe and Culture

This document contains over 100 trivia questions about Spanish/Hispanic/Latino life and culture. The answers are provided. These are great for quiz games or fun facts in the classroom.

Días de mala suerte (Bad luck days): Martes 13 in Spanish speaking countries & Greece, Friday 13 in England & USA

Friday the 13th or Martes 13: Your Bad Luck Day Depends On the Language

Today is Tuesday March 13th, 2012 and it is a common day to most English speakers. But if you live in a Spanish speaking country today is Martes 13, día de la mala suerte or the equivalent to Friday the 13th. It is curious that this “bad luck day” superstition changes depending on the country. […]

How to make sure your students know the history behind Cinco de Mayo and not just ask "Can we have a party?"

Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Whine-o

Ah, it's that time of the year again when Spanish students across the world begin bugging their worn out teachers for a party in celebration of a holiday they are clueless about. I've never been...

Dia de los reyes magos: 1 hour lesson for intermediate and advanced high school Spanish. Video clips, reading, group work all in the target language. By Sol Azúcar

Sol Azucar

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Cultural Activities: El Desfile del Yipao

El Desfile de Yipao - Readings and activities in Spanish

Cultural Activities: El Desfile del Yipao