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30 Examples of Google's Material Design

created w GOOGLE Material Design

30 Examples of Google's Material Design

Hey guys,  Just saw what @Paul has been doing for some time now and decided to do something similar on my own.  The idea is to think of small and clever ways to design & animate UI components, ...

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Google kids - it’s the best app for childs. Everything what they are looking for in one place.

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Weekend experiment: integrating material design UI and natural motion animation principles without looking too google-y

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Intro for an iOS game. 'R' is currently used as a logo placeholder :)  See also On the AppStore:   Work Inquiries →

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Made in Sketch 3 and animated with Principal. First animation, do give your tips.  Download Sketch file here

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30 Examples of Google's Material Design

挤压-强调后者的一种表现形式 - UI Movement - The best UI design inspiration, every day.

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