negative space in advertising, think about it , apply it

Negative space in advertising

The support centers union for victims of sexual assault in Israel: Two Seconds to Spot Advertising Agency : Mccann Erckson, Tel Aviv, Israel Graphic Designer : Yan Fedoroff

This is a very strong design conceptually and uses imagery / illustration to its advantage with how it is pouring out of the container.


Advertising Agency: Y&R RedFuse, New York, USA - Colgate Total: Mighty Mouth - Art Directors: Marco Walls, Hernan Ibañez


"When pain strikes" -- Signal Sensitive Toothpaste: Missile -- Agency: Lowe Singapore

Internet Roaming by Peter Storozhenko, via Behance

Beeline Kazakhstan: Go, 1 Advertising Agency: RED, Almaty, Kazakhstan Creative Director: Kachanovsky Stanislav Art Directors: Peter Storozhenko, Doniyor Mamanov Copywriter: Saltanat Tulendinova Illustrator: Doniyor Mamanov Published: February 2014

When pain strikes.

jeremyben: “Signal Sensitive Toothpaste - When Pain strikes Advertising Agency : Lowe, Singapore ”

The Addiction Paradox-2• SCIENCE NEWS • Illustrations commissioned by Science News, the American bi-weekly magazine that publishes short articles on new scientific and technical developments. Art direction by Marcy Atarod.

Tang Yau Hoong is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Consistently creative with their advertising design, this campaign for FedEx was created by advertising agency DDB in Brazil.

such an creative piece, i love the art direction in this, how they have put two windows in different countries. this is defiantly a piece you would stop and look at.

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한국의 국기! 자랑스러운 태극기죠~ 오늘은 태극기의 의미를 알아보아요!! 간단한 한장의 인포그래픽으로 확인해보기^^

한국의 국기! 자랑스러운 태극기죠~ 오늘은 태극기의 의미를 알아보아요!! 간단한 한장의 인포그래픽으로 확인해보기^^