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구스타프 클림트 '향기' :: 네이버 블로그

구스타프 클림트 '향기' :: 네이버 블로그

The Most Beautiful Illustrations from 200 Years of Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales – Brain Pickings

The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, Reimagined in Uncommonly Soulful Illustrations by Austrian Artist Lisbeth Zwerger – Brain Pickings

Canada based photographer Matt Molloy is a fan of time lapse portraits and natural events. Using the same process, Molloy realized he could apply the same technique to capture clouds as the day progresses. After stacking multiple exposures of the same landscape, the changes in the sky make feathery brushes strokes across the sky. The result is stunning

"Smeared skies, Lake Ontario, Canada" It’s one of a series by photographer Matt Molloy. His “timestack” technique uses timelapse video footage to create a single still where the clouds look like brushstrokes.