calender ruatz

RuArts gallery calendar by Marina Dobraya. On December 7 RuArts celebrated seven years since it was founded.

ashion desk calendar - interchangeable

This uses the 2 materials paper and plastic really well by combining them to show the information. I could try to create the product by using 2 or more materials and combining them to show the date.

Un calendrier réutilisable pour tous les mois et pour chaque année. Pas de gaspillage.

interesting perpetual calendar - how can I get one (many) of those brass overlays?

Architecture!   New York City 2015 Calendar by Marieken Hensen

Simple outlines of common buildings in the area? New York City 2015 Calendar by Marieken Hensen

lean to calendar - pattern cover

The 2014 Pattern Desk Calendar is one of many adorable and functional products in the MochiThings collection.

2014 Letterpress Desk Calendar (for those who love the classic look and feel of letterpress print)

15 Secret Santa Gifts That Actually Don't Suck

Jordan Mummert is raising funds for TYPE - Letterpress Desk Calendar on Kickstarter! Printed by hand on a letterpress. The cotton calendar cards sit neatly in their eco-friendly bamboo stand.

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