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This style of illustrative portraits would work well with this newspaper because of its simplicity. The simple illustrations combined with its very precise attention to detail creates a uniform yet stylised characterisation.


Crowed of by Tosya I really like this simple illustration of people, I like the line weight and the direction and movement. Really illustrates people and living each day.

Student Life - Louise Lockhart | Illustration | Design | The Printed Peanut

Student life on one page, as part of the Student Handbook illustrations for The Skinny August

Gorky Park Summer Illustration on Behance

Different patterns created to signify Gorky Park activities, serving themes such as: Sport, Gorky Park Green School, and ice cream shops.

Illustration from 1950's children's book The Musical Umbrella by Friedrich Feld

(Illustration from children's book The Musical Umbrella by Friedrich Feld) Mid Century Vintage Illustration