The Om/One levitating Bluetooth speaker prototype defies gravity and spins while it plays your favorite tunes.

Om/One levitating Bluetooth speaker defies gravity

Note: This deal is for a PRE-ORDER of the OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker. All customers who place their orders by January 2015 will receive their speaker by January I would like to listen to my OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker s

Philips Fidelio Airplay Docking Speaker, Wireless Speaker

Enjoy an immersive sound experience with the Philips Fidelio SoundRing AirPlay speaker. This speaker lets you wirelessly stream music from your iPod touch,

ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker

ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker Rarely does one come across a product so beautiful and yet so sensible in functionality and form factor that it complements

Webcam | Designer Elium Studio —

Withings Home acts as a security camera, environmental monitor and home diary

Bubbles / Soapdish on Behance

Bubbles Soap Dish - The best part about the Bubbles Soap Dish is that you never have to worry about the bubbles bursting. Bubbles are inherently fun.

Bubbles / Soapdish on Behance

Bubbles Soap Dish is a fun and functional holder for your soaps, sponges and scrubbers. With its funky modern design, this soapdish will add some good, clean fun to your bathroom.