35 of the Best Graphic Design Pieces of 2014 | From up North

Best Graphic Design of 2014

Some images that inspire me as a designer. Always stay on top of current design trends and always to grow as a designer.

Follow the man who’s currently walking the length of the Nile

China’s first-ever tourism law—designed mostly to protect Chinese travelers—is now in effect

An info graph on a person maybe in front of a house and hand written the benefits of having a tax depreciation like in this photo. And then another one who doesn't have a tax depreciation report.

Series of illustrations «Flower» | Alexander Gusakov

This series of decorative posters is made with few techniques : digital typography interlaced with stunning flowers bunch illustrations manually drawn. A series of graphic posters available in three versions, created by Aleksander Gusakov.


Thierry Feuz - True Technicolour Beauty

Some piece of summer and jungles for you) I love that bright big flowers, birds and colors. Cool to use as a wallpaper for your phones. Plus some nice examples of floral and tropical pattern on walls, furniture and clothes. Enjoy the summer!

Studio Feixen | FormFiftyFive – Design inspiration from around the world

Since 2009 Swiss graphic designer Felix Pfäffli has worked slavishly to create an international reputation as one of the world's most respected poster designers

Affiche du film alternatif hors d'haleine par TheArtOfAdamJuresko

Breathless alternative movie poster


Cool poster with some nice use of type by Valdemar Lamego in collaboration with This is Pacifica for FITEI (Via FITEI)