Villa Urbana, Projecto Pictogramas by Daniel Rodriguez, Xesta Studio and Tiago Costa

Packaging and Branding Graphic designer and illustrator Jesse Lindhorst created the packaging and brand identity including logo and icon design for Talisman, a brand of bike gear. More of the design.

Mama w Paryzu: Paryskie metro, wyprawa z dziewczynkam

pictgram - @hira1o- #webstagram

I've often fantisized what it would be like to work for myself as an artist. I'm working on this basic rule. "The frightening thing you learn when you quit the 9 to

Father, Pai

Logos / Logo for Nancy Lee Martin (a Journalist Publicist) designed by Jerry Braude


Is the first comunity for the ordinary people who's enjoy to do a sport for pleasure and passion. No matter how good we are in the sport we play, we love to do it and we enjoy it