Oh, I LOVE this color palette! nice amount of space, really cute illustration, really easy to transpose and to use Lansinoh colors!

Philippe Starck -- His career untill now! From:

INFOGRAPHIC: Spotlight on design star Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck's fame isn't just limited to architecture and interior design. This infographic highlights 20 facets that helped Starck become world famous

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The meeting rooms at the IBM Design Studio in Austin, Texas features iconic images, including the rebus, designed in 1981 by Paul Rand (courtesy: IBM)

Daily Inspiration #1992 | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

An illustrative calendar project for TOTAL Russia, with Design Bureau in Moscow. 12 illustrations are created to show how TOTAL manage their oil extraction, products manufacture, logistics in a more sustainable way.

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2351

Blue House is one of the few remaining examples of tong lau of the balcony type in Hong Kong and is listed as Grade I historic building. We have created a series of promotion materials for the activities of Blue House Studio, promoting their proje&

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