This is a good example of Contrast by having a vast difference in size of font plus a change in direction. ///HELVETICA POSTERs/// on Wacom Gallery

Helvetica is a very common font, often used in essays or professional paperwork. I enjoy this font because its simple and is very easy on the eyes.

COLOR YOUR LIFE 색, 다른공간이야기, an event on ArtRescape

It looks plain and considering the title is "Color Your Life", you would think it would look more colorful and unique font.

garamond poster - Google 검색

A perfectly symmetrical poster, i like how the designer had to deal with the typeface name having to stray from balance but still adding the + sign to show the corner.

Typo - Áron Jancsó

O trabalho de caligrafia experimental de Áron Jancsó via @pristinaorg

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