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How to Accessorize a Dress

Accessorizing can be difficult. It's hard to find that perfect accessory that adds to your look but doesn't overwhelm it. When you start adding jewelry, shoes and handbags into the equation there suddenly becomes many more factors to your...

Blood Flame could be obtained through a Recharge. A red and black dress with a b… Blood Flame could be obtained through a Recharge. A red and black dress with a bat. Fashion Design Drawings, Fashion Sketches, Pretty Dresses, Beautiful Dresses, Fantasy Gowns, Fantasy Outfits, Fantasy Clothes, Anime Dress, Dress Sketches

Blood Flame

Blood Flame could be obtained through a Recharge. A red and black dress with a bat. Blood Flame is part of the Pigeon suit Blood Beckon. The other parts of this suit are Moon Song, Awakening Power, Burning Gauze, Blood Crown, Cross Carving, Tempting Brew, Broken Rose, Deep Dream and Peak of Divine n Devil. There is an alternative version of the suit. It contains Tear of Blood, Night Incinerate, Burning Gauze, Age Curse, Deep Dream and Peak of Divine n Devil.

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Alternate Ayesha Costume Designs For Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

At the start of the film, we learn that the Guardians of the Galaxy have been hired by the Sovereign to defend their powerful and valuable batteries from a menacing creature known as an Abilisk. Once the inter-dimensional beast has been vanquished, the Guardians meet with Ayesha, the ruler of the [...]

Edwardian Fashion: A 5 Minute Guide - 5 Minute History Edwardian Dress, Edwardian Fashion, Vintage Fashion, Edwardian Era, 80s Fashion, Korean Fashion, Victorian Dresses, London Fashion, Boho Fashion

Edwardian Fashion: A 5-Minute Guide

The Edwardian era was the period covering the reign of King Edward VII, 1901 to 1910, and is sometimes extended to 1919. Edward VII in coronation robes Edward loved to travel, setting a style influenced by the art

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Community wall photos

Photo 47317 from DARK BEAUTY's album Community wall photos from 5 September 2016.

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fripperiesandfobs: Empire costume from La... - ferretbaby86

fripperiesandfobs: Empire costume from La Comedie-Francaise via Telerama (via ewebean)

This embroidered dress and corset are worn by Padme Amidala in Star Wars Episode II. Personally my favorite of any of the costumes in the Star Wars films.--- this whole site is pretty cool Costume Padme, Costume Star Wars, Costume Dress, Queen Amidala Costume, Star Wars Dress, Star Wars Padme, Star Wars Film, Movie Costumes, Cosplay Costumes

Star Wars: Fit for a Queen

Star Wars: Fit for a Queen - Dedicated to the amazing costumes of Padme Amidala, her handmaidens, Princess Leia, the Jedi and other characters in the Star Wars movies, including the Clone Wars movie - featuring thousands of pictures, drawings, wallpapers, graphics, and icons

Padmé Amidala and Star Wars - Episode I, The Phantom Menace - Padmé is the Queen of Naboo. Star Wars Padme, Amidala Star Wars, Natalie Portman, Cosplay Star Wars, Queen Amidala Costume, Reina Amidala, Disfraz Star Wars, Costume Ethnique, The Phantom Menace

Post-Return of the Jedi game Star Wars: Uprising trailer! | Making Star Wars

Okay, now we getting into stuff I can’t wait to see play out considering the era. This content mixed with the “Journey to the Force Awakens” content will really begin to fill in the universe after the fall of Darth Vader and the Emperor. This is technically the first post-Return of the Jedi footage we’ve …

Confessions of a Seamstress: The Costumes of Star Wars - Padme Amidala Star Wars Costumes, Theatre Costumes, Movie Costumes, Natalie Portman, Rainha Amidala, Starwars, Star Wars Padme, Star Wars Planets, Concept Clothing

Костюмы Падме Амидала ("Звездные войны")

Оби-Ван, ты увен, что на борту нет ничего ценного, что можно было бы продать? Несколько контейнеров с продовольствием и гардероб Королевы. …

Concept art for Queen Padme Amidala in Travel Gown from the film "Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace" by Iain McCaig Pippa Middleton, Amidala Star Wars, Star Wars Padme, Star Wars Concept Art, Star Wars Art, Queen Amidala Costume, Reina Amidala, Character Concept, Character Art

Satisfy Your Star Wars Addiction By Drooling Over Queen Amidala's Costumes

Let's peek into the closet of the most fashionable queen in the galaxy.