Macho man

Shieto Sujetö (Dansei Rõdõ-Sha) - Watashitachiha, Jinsei Ankomon o Ikite Imasu


Initially, I thought this was an older version of Kyoya Ootori and I think my ovaries exploded.

“民营Tokiwazaka学校 - 不道德的游戏 - ”

Yugashi tamora, doesn't give a fuck about anything especially you. Looking for a worthy opponent to fight. Doesn't care if you're a girl or boy.

Badass Rogue Unknown designer

Krenz is a freelance character designer base in TaoYuan, Taiwan. He has provided artwork for video games and book covers as well as contributing to the upcoming Masters of Anatomy book.

The hot head/violent one. Less inclined to put up with the shit Max puts them through. Both wear things to obscure face like good hoodlums.