Tubo Hotel in Tepoztlán Mexico.

TuboHotel: Totally Tubular Tepoztlán

the recycled pipe Tubehotel accommodates two people in a queen bed with panoramic views of the Sierra del Tepozteco outside of Cuernavaca. Read more: Totally Tubular TubeHotel In Mexico Offers Up Accommodations In Recycled Concrete Pipes

Wigwam Motel, Route 66.

Route 66: Motoring the mother road

727 Fuselage Home. Photo: Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Aviation Aesthetics: Second Flights for Salvaged Aircraft

I want to live here one day. Airplane house - Lake Whittington, Mississippi, USA made of a Boeing 727 from Continental airlines. Wiggins, your dream house

Hotel in a suitcase. Saxony, Germany.

Hotels in UFOs and other strange places

in a suitcase saxony germany hotel there is no need to unpack includes bunk beds and a bathroom

Japan’s capsule hotels.

When I go to Japan, I want to stay in one of them Japanese pod hotels.

Kennedy School, Portland, Oregon.

10 Quirky Hotels Around the World

McMenamins Kennedy School – Portland, Oregon – Going inside an elementary school has never been so much fun. McMenamins Kennedy School is a astoundingly odd hotel inside.

Another cement drain pipe hotel.  Dasparkhotel, Bottrop-Ebel And Ottensheim, Austria.

10 Quirky Hotels Around the World

das Parkhotel (Drain Pipe Hotel)Austria Made from recycled drain pipes. There is actually no set fee to say in the Drain Pipe Hotel, you pay what you can and that is enough for them. (What a super idea).

The Aztec Hotel. Monrovia, CA.

The Aztec Hotel. Anybody want to stay here when they come visit me in Monrovia, CA?

Treebones Resort, Big Sur, California.

10 Quirky Hotels Around the World

Lobby of the Aztec Hotel in Monrovia, CA.

The fireplace is a marvel of asymmetry and chambers within are backlit with an incandescent glow. Aztec Hotel 311 W.

Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Sweden

10 Quirky Hotels Around the World

Jumbo Stay (Stockholm, Sweden): It is made from a real jumbo jet located right at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, so visitors can spend the night with a front-row view of planes taking off.