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70K The Thonet Bike

A $70,000 Wooden Bike, Crafted Like A Century-Old Chair

Thonet Bike by Andy Martin. To highlight chair-maker Thonet's steam bending process, London-based architect Andy Martin was asked to design a concept bike made of bent wood.

The Writable is a fun and interactive look at how we can spark up the conversation around the coffee table. Three flip panels at the centre house chalkboards on the underside with a chalk discreetly held in place.

writable table - Have a coffee and lovely chat over the Writable Table -- a handwritten chat, that is. This fun and interactive furniture piece by Tianyu Xiao ha.

What sucks are all those wet benches and chairs following a rainstorm. Fortunately clever designers Sungwoo, Yoonha and Eunbi came up with a simple solution. The slats on these benches can rotate to the dry side by cranking the handle.

Rolling Bench Designed by Korean firm Sungwoo Park and friends, the bench is built on a rotating axle. Just turn the hand crank to unveil the dry side of the seat so you can take a load off without getting a wet behind.