Transition [Animation] by Daniel Lutz

Kris Feature Video Card Expands: Transition [Animation] by Daniel Lutz

Levels by Zane David


Nice use of icon/color/white space to establish strata and differentiation

SpaceInFramers by Balraj Chana


Meet London–based Designer of the Week Balraj Chana, who specializes in UI/UX design and has worked alongside many visionaries.

Leaderboard with Polar Clock GIF (attached) by Balraj Chana

Leaderboard with Polar Clock GIF (attached)

Beautiful - colours, animation, flat UI design Designed by Balraj Chana

Icon by Yuekun


Excited to contribute some icons for Portland's finest festival/conference/life-event this year.

UUUU iOS game by Nina Geometrieva

After months of sitting home and missing out on cool parties, me and Damjan (my husband, duh) finally finished our game! I'm so excited that I can't stop jumping around and pooping rainbows!

Guide page by RF_Phil

Guide page by RF_Phil

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