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Aamito Lagum, Ashley Smith, Julia Cumming, Katherine Moore, Lauren de Graaf and Charlotte Carey star as a rock stas for the February 2017 issue of Vogue Mexico.

Hoop dreams @_maybe_yes_maybe_no/

Hoop dreams @_maybe_yes_maybe_no/

Yellow shades  @_maybe_yes_maybe_no

Yellow shades @_maybe_yes_maybe_no

FKA Twigs ❤️  @_maybe_yes_maybe_no

FKA twigs releases surprise audio-visual EP with surreal artwork by Matthew Stone

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yassmines: “ moonlightangel: “ driflloon: “aviv schneider ” u ” Bye omggg I wish ”

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Angelina wears leather jacket Julien David, galilea hoop earring Charlotte Chesnais, stud earring her own Photography Yulya Shadrinsky, fashion Samia Giobellina

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I need me some sick shades like these, although if i wore them i'd look like some sorta possessed bug