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FASHION POLICE. Ugg Boots. Pottstown Middle School principal Gail Cooper's note to parents: "I have banned open top boots from classrooms." Problems? Cell phones hidden in boots! Students are allowed to bring phones to school but they have to be kept in lockers during class time. But parents are sick of school clothing bans. Said one, "Uggs.... pockets, bras, socks, what's next??" One pupil said the ban won't work. "Girls hide cell phones in their bras. Plus my phone fits in my sneaker."

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FASHION POLICE. Ethan Clos, 5, was suspended from kindergarten after he showed up with this hairstyle. Superintendent Gregg Morris says they had to send little Ethan home. "Our dress & grooming policies... ensure that clothing & hairstyles do not cause a distraction to the learning environment," The school's handbook: "Hair shall be worn above the eyebrows & must be kept clean, neat & trimmed" & specifies that boys may not wear their hair longer than the bottom of their shirt collars...

Kindergarten Boy Suspended for His ‘Distracting’ Mohawk! This is sad, I love his hair. If I had a little boy, I would let him have a Mohawk. So stupid, I would fight the school.

Quebec students strip-searched during an exam! Students at a high school north of Montreal were told to place their phones on the teacher's desk to prevent cheating during a math test. When 1 phone went missing, teachers ordered the strip search. "They put us in a small room," said 1 student. "They said, 'take off your bra, then raise your arms.' "In the heat of the action, the decision seemed the best," said a school board spokeswoman.

Quebec students strip-searched during exam

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