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42 diseños de logos creativos con un lápiz.  http://designbeep.com/2011/12/17/42-logo-designs-with-creative-use-of-pen/

42 Logo Designs With Creative Use of Pen

Another image made through creative letter design to present a graphic and logo combination.

Laptop - Logo Design - Wordmark, Logotype, Laptop, Computer, Clever, Minimal, Black & White

Minimal Logo Designs Collection of Steven Crosby

by Steven Crosby; the designer tilted back the stem of the "L" making it look like a side view of a laptop, in context of the word "laptop." The angle of the tilt is just enough for the viewer to identify it as a laptop and a "L.

Stop | Play | Pause | Words

Embellished Word Aesthetic: the artist used the symbols from a player to add to the meaning. The symbols represent the missing letters. It's legible and it still reads perfectly.

62 Beautiful Black and White Logo Inspirations https://www.designlisticle.com/black-and-white-logo/

62 Beautiful Black and White Logo Inspirations

Our Minds fill in the "blank" Songs Illustrated by Mari Grafsrønningen, via Behance

drink up

This logo visually substitutes the "W" in wine with two wine glasses. This reinforces the word's meaning.

good design thought u would think is cool @pafletcher

Open Door Logo - Not seen the show but the E and the use of the door handle is…