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It's funny how we're so much quicker to give grace to others than we are to ourselves. It's okay, friend, you can accept grace for today.
Grace For Today | Jen Weaver
It's funny how we're so much quicker to give grace to others than we are to ourselves. It's okay, friend, you can accept grace for today.
the cover of lord give me eyes to see, featuring acorns and leaves
Do You Need to Pray the Hurried Person's Prayer? - Lori Hatcher
Are you always in a hurry? Struggling to get everything done in too little time? You need this prayer.
an unmade bed with the text 4 ways to banish nighttime fear
4 Ways to Banish Nighttime Fear - Lori Hatcher
Why do our fears grow larger at night? Frightening thoughts and scary what ifs. How can we guard our minds and hearts from this type of fear?
a person walking in the woods with a backpack on their back and text that reads, god wants to rest your boundary lines there is no
Expand Your Boundary Lines – Jen Weaver
As we enter into a new year, take courage that the Lord is able to expand your boundary lines! He has good in store for us! Let's go on an adventure! :)
a window with the words keeping the joy all these things once brought me joy and i want them to again
Keeping The Joy | Jen Weaver
Where does your joy lay? If it's not founded in the One who is eternal, I hate to break it to you but it won't last...
pen comparison test for writing in your bible
Best Pen for Writing in the Bible
I recently got a question asking what pen I recommended for writing in the Bible – and also for a journal. I decided to use crowdsourcing to compile a group of your favorite pens to put to the “best test.” Turns out you all feel very strongly about your favorite pens! I had a ball reading your passionate recommendations and trying out all your favorite pens. Now the results are in! Tap to read about three different tests: Best pens for Bible pages Best pens for journal pages Best pens for doodling
an orange cat laying on the ground with its eyes closed and it's tail curled up
What We Can Learn from the Doggiest Cat I Know - Lori Hatcher
Mushu is the doggiest cat I know. She never said a word, but she taught me a lesson I'll never forget. You can learn it too!
a child in a car seat with the title 12 essentials for travel with toddlers
Ideas for Travel with Toddlers What to bring for babies, toddlers, and kids for travel by plane/car
Travel with Kids Ideas What to bring for babies, toddlers, and big kids for travel by plane and car
a woman sitting on a dock reading a book with the words, the habit that changed me
The Habit that Changed Me - Lori Hatcher
I've had a lot of habits, some good and some bad, but this one habit has changed my life
Our Eleventh Anniversary: Musings & a Marriage Playlist Soundtrack, Dating Advice, Marriage, Christian Marriage, Divorce Papers, Marriage Relationship, Dating Relationships, Dating Coach
Our Eleventh Anniversary: Musings & a Marriage Playlist
Our Eleventh Anniversary: Musings & a Marriage Playlist | As I laid in bed with my legs over his, I started thinking about the soundtrack of our marriage. Here are eleven songs for your eleventh anniversary.
a woman holding a cup of coffee and an open book with the words focus on god's faithfluhness, not your flavy
Hey You, Walk Through The Door | Jen Weaver
Is there a door in your life that you've been standing in front of...too scared to walk through? You can walk through that open door in faith. I know you can!
a woman walking down a dirt road with the words don't sweat the small stuff and other life lessons
God Speaks. Here's How To Hear Him. | Jen Weaver
In a hectic world, we all sometimes forget how to sit still and listen. But listen to what? To who? Learn how you can hear God's voice in the midst of all the other noise of this world...
Keep your sword sharp at all times.
Is Your Sword Sharp?
Keep your sword sharp at all times.
the back of a woman's head with an inspirational quote about what you have to do
Start Where You Are – Jen Weaver
Instead of allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed, start with what you have and go from there. We all have some place to start...
an open bible with the words, god's revealed written in rainbow colors on it
The Names of God
Like our other Scripture writing journals, this journal is all Bible, but this time our reflecting will be singular: God alone. We will be taking a look at 365 unique Names of God recorded in the Bible. Just in case you are wondering, there are more than 365, but we have carefully curated for you selections from Genesis to Revelation so that we will write the whole counsel of God on our hearts. It’s hard to understand how God can be both friend and Judge at the same time, but He is. This journal will guide you through 365 verses that will shed light on His many facets.