Nexus Q Teardown: Dissecting Google’s New Streaming Media Orb

Nexus Q Teardown: Dissecting Google’s New Streaming Media Orb

steam oven toaster balmuda

This Fancy Japanese Toaster is Reinventing Breakfast, But There's a 3 Month Waiting List to Buy It

Lexon - HOBO power bank, design Fellina Sok Cham - FINE power bank, design Pauline Deltour

Powerbanks Archives - Just Pay Shipping On These Unbeatable Products


attaining their goal took more than two years of hard work, during which they had to reinvent everything for the heroin bicycle, from the type of carbon fiber to the shape of the tubes to the finish texture.

plllus' inspirations

Divided By Zero watch: βeta series by DBZ timepieces — Kickstarter

vifa's helsinki wireless loudspeaker includes swedish leather strap and solid aluminum frame

a special-designed textile cover from kvadrat lets sound pass through it woollen threads of the vifa helsinki, which is also water repellent to assure both indoor and outdoor use.

Galaxy S4 Switch Cover by 11+

Galaxy S4 Switch Cover by 11

A minimalist cover for your Galaxy in which the front cover can be removed to allow the user to mix-and-match various combinations of colors.

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