Floating burger 2.0

Motion in the world of design is used to describe spatial relationships, functionality, and intention with beauty and fluidity. Motion might sound like a big concept, but when used effectively it is…

Next and probably not last iteration of design for Social Calendar app project.  Behance Twitter Facebook

Social calendar app mobile

Inspirational UI Design 15 - UltraLinx

Inspirational UI Design 15

UI and UX design plays a huge role in whether people adopt your software, app or website. You might have the best idea ever for a piece of software or app, but

minimal elegant mobile ui via mycolorscreen

simple, elegant way of communicating information and emotion -- minimal elegant mobile ui via mycolorscreen

Wanted to try some transition with a bit of depth on the z-axis.  We also have another task app coming soon on the AppStore, follow me on Dribbble or Twitter to get updates. We will have a proper l...

Google Keep - z-axis interaction

Aurélien Salomon is a UI/UX designer currently based in Paris. Having studied in engineering, I really do enjoyed his intuitional UX like his Craiglist redesign for example. Check out his work, it's quite impressive.

Indian Railway by Kenil Bhavsar

Up for some nicely designed user interfaces? Maybe you're in need of some inspiration for an upcoming app design? In these posts we present great UI designs

Clapp App - Home by Barthelemy Chalvet

I like the idea of pushing suggestions to customers based on their current location. Example: "We see that you are close to {restaurant name}. Happy hour starts in 30 minutes. Stick around for half-off draft beers!

Leaves launcher

The Web Aesthetic — Showcasing The Best in Web Design Designer: Mohamed Shihab Android homescreen UI. love the geometry 8 Poster

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