This grandfather clock asset was the second asset I did for my low poly modeling class a few months ago.

ArtStation - Antique Clock, James Brisnehan

I wanted to learn how to use Substance Painter (If you haven't tried it, you should. After finishing the tutorials and practicing a little, I wanted to put what I learned to the test with a realistic, detailed prop.

What Are You Working On? 2014 Edition - Page 215 - Polycount Forum

Ashley Thundercliffe - Student of the Year - Next-Gen Gaming - 2015 CG Student Awards

Urn's and Vases - Unreal 4 Assets, scott bez on ArtStation at

Urn's and Vases - Unreal 4 Assets, scott bez

Art Nouveau Jug  - Game Asset, Marcell Rideg on ArtStation at

This asset is based on an art nouveau jug by Carl Weishaupt.

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