Modernist Posters by Quim Marin

Modernist Swiss Style Posters by Quim Marin

What I like about this poster is that it has a good use of white space. And lots of food. The characters don't need to be overlapping what draws the eye, and let you continue reading it after pulling you in. Very simple graphic design.

Korean typography /

Korean typography & design Frankie I want to learn how to do the layering on the dotted page and the effect on the bottom orange page

I picked this for the fun feeling it inspires and the washed colors, a little asian pop but also the pink and pastels, gives some of the broken down California girl vibe I want to capture.

History of cup noodle.

visually shows product changes as well as text around the dates (historical events)

Typography Poster by joonghyun cho

Seoul designer Joonghyun Cho created this Korean typography poster to explain Korean characters (Hangul) for foreigners who study design in South Korea.


Les Bars en Trans — Boris Gautier, we took part in a poster contest, as our side project. This is for a festival inside the famous Transmusicales festival in Rennes, called les Bars en Trans, where each bar of the old town host gigs every night.