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Michelle Jung Eun Lee
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[Water! Water! Water!]Look Ten Years Younger by Drinking Water - One Woman's Story with Before & After

Sarah Smith took a four-week hydration or water therapy challenge by increasing her water intake to 3 liters per day. After 4 weeks into the challenge, Sarah saw dramatic changes in her skin, saying she lost 10 years younger now.

fill a truck bed full of pillows and blankets and drive in the middle of nowhere to go star gazing

A must for anyone’s bucket list, fill a truck bed with pillows and blankets and go stargazing . Stargaze - pillows - bucket list - truck - blankets - life - before I die - love - live -

Detox-Mocktails · Flush toxins, rehydrate, and promote blood circulation.

Detox summer cocktail - Banane et Orange Why it detoxes: Orange juice is high in vitamin C, a proven antioxidant; lemon has limonoids that signal detoxifying enzymes to start working; clover honey is believed to help repair wound