ISSUU - Ling-Li Tseng - Responsive Architecture V.01 by Ling-Li Tseng

Ling-Li Tseng - Responsive Architecture V.01

이미지 사이즈 : 800 x 1440    이미지 사이즈가 화면보다 큽니다.   왼쪽 버튼을 클릭한 후 마우스를 움직여서 보세요.    더블 클릭하면 닫혀요.

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Sanchez Gil arquitectos — Edificio administrativo de usos múltiples

Galería de Edificio Administrativo de usos múltiples para la Junta de Castilla y León en Salamanca / Sánchez Gil Arquitectos - 46

Image 46 of 46 from gallery of Multipurpose Administration Building for the Council of Castilla y León in Salamanca / Sánchez Gil Arquitectos.

A small- scale but socially catalytic interventions (City Acupuncture), tailored for the particular environment and community for which they are created and designed to solve local issues may cause positive ripple effects.

arch_it City Acupuncture public space competition prize in competition for small scale urban intervention City Acupuncture for ECC Wrocław 2016 - Architecture Daily