Ohara Hale

Ohara Hale

Pizza, ice cream and donuts."I Agree with This," Illustration by Ohara Hale

Pattern Illustration, Illustration Animals, Reference Images, Picture Books, Illustrators

Owen Davey. This Special Edition Giclée was created for the Warner Bros / Gallery Nucleus Exhibition 'The Physics of Friendship: A Tribute to the Big Bang Theory'; The print is available here: http://www.gallerynucleus.com/detail/16408

Owen Davey - Advertising ∙ Editorial ∙ Publishing ∙ Vector ∙ Character ∙ Mountains ∙ Trees ∙ Water - Illustrator at Folio illustration agency

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Thai Tea, Matcha, and Milk Tea Foxes © 2016 Nadia Kim *In Progress* Matcha Fox.

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