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Taking Time for Interactive Notebooks in the Classroom

All Things Upper Elementary: Taking Time for Interactive Notebooks in the Classroom - a planning schedule for fitting notebooks into the math class time.

Pocket : Post-It, Prove It! An Exit Ticket Strategy

Post It, Prove It- An Exit TIcket Strategy great for Middle School Classes. This is a great exit ticket. Students will be able to prove their understanding.

Check out this classroom video on Teaching Channel. Teaching Channel is a video showcase-on the Web and TV-of inspiring teaching practices in America's public schools.

Guided Reading with Jenna Complete Lesson grade! It runs through a complete guided reading lesson and how to make it work in the classroom! It is great at showing differentiated instruction!

I used the acronym GIFT for my stations:        G = GAMES  I = INDEPENDENT WORK  F = FACT PRACTICE  T = TEACHER    This is what my board looks like which helps the students know what to do at each station.

My Journey to Grade: Math Workshop, Task Cards and a Freebie.a great way to set up math stations :)

Teaching My Friends!: Weekly Reading Response Letters: Part 2

Yesterday, I posted the first part of Weekly Reading Response Letters . As promised, here is the second part. This is the second letter I .

Love Reader's Notebook! Went to professional development that showed how to make these!!

Reader's Notebook-record what students are reading, what they are thinking (through a weekly reading reflection), and what they are wondering about or learning through guided reading, use as a organizational tool and showcases growth throughout the year.

The Reader's Notebook | Scholastic.com

I love the way this teacher organizes student reading so that even Daily 5 reading can be tracked and students become more self-aware of their habits. Some good sections to include in readers notebooks.

{freebie} revising checklist- (small typo on #6 but still a great resource)

Grades Peer Editing Checklist for Writing includes self edit and peer edit options and room for positive feedback and a critique. Excellent tool I use regularly in my classroom!