Wallet One App.  Elements of this made me think of what we were talking about with the Opportunity section.

Wallet One App

Here we present 50 cool finance app ui design for mobile, which we're sure will give you some ideas. Use these for inspiration on parts of your mobile app design

Long time no see. Lot's of great things going on, and the greatest among them is the birth of my beautiful daughter Sofia :) This obviously kept me from posting for some time.  Here is a sneak of s...

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Wow! What a nice way to digitise all those credit cards. I want it!

Credit cards on wallet

Gleb Kuznetsov is a Russian designer that comes up with pretty gorgeous UI pieces for apps and web. He's got a pretty awesome portfolio with many great examples of how beautiful an interface can be.

KB Wise Wallet

Error inquiries please call the Customer Care Center App card (easy settlement), membership, coupon, please use the convenience of stamp >>

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