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Name: Daniel Age: 19 (as of now) Gender: male Sexuality: Gay Personality: shy, antisocial, can be rude or blunt Status: lives on the streets. Extra: he is British, short, and has a condition called albinism

Boycott captures the androgynous spirit of Gucci’s fall-winter 2015 menswear collection with a beauty story lensed by photographer Kiki Xue. Wearing dandy tops and accessories, models Xavier Buestel and Tancrede Scalabre are styled by Simon Pylyser. Related

Boycott Features Gucci Fall 2015 Menswear

Tancrède Scalabre and Linus Wördemann at Success and Xavier Buestel at Rockmen photographed by Kiki Xue and styled by Simon Pylyser with pieces from Gucci, for the third issue of Boycott magazine.

wolf  hair cut에 대한 이미지 검색결과

wow, an unfortunate hairstyle of my youth. You know what they say: "Business in the front, party in the back"

Yoo Ah In

Hmm, think this is Yoo Ah In from the k-drama "The Secret Affair", and on another note, this is a killer hairstyle for men.

동양의 랜드마크를 프린트한 오렌지색 코트는 Burberry Prorsum 제품.

The cover of W Korea’s next issue is emblazoned with the words “The Hottest Men,” and a freckled and redheaded Yoo Ah In leads that pact. I wonder which other hotties will be grac…