Brass and Maple Tape Dispenser | Perch

Brass and Maple Tape Dispenser

While most tape dispensers are best hidden in your deepest drawer, this maple and brass piece earns its place on your desk. Not surprising, seeing as it was des

The Pillowy Humidifier does something unusual by trying to put the experience of squeezing into a home appliance. Imagine squeezing some humidity out of a gadget. The more pressure you apply, the more humidity is released by the machine. It’s quite an unusual thing to have such a tactile experience in a touchscreen dominated world.

Humidifier What do you think of the colour? Humidifier MELT is a hot- and cold-water purifier that reinvents the user interface of this common product.

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업무 시간을 측정해주는 워킹 트래커 - 제품으로 보는 세상의 안테나, 펀테나

These days when all of us are focused on our work, it& not a surprise that time tracking becomes an increasingly bigger issue. Tiller is a minimal d.