face of the himalayas

Tibetan Nomad Girl ~Tsatsa, Eastern Tibet, 2005 ~ Photo by Matthieu Ricard

Children of the Himalayas – © Volker Abels

Children in the Himalayas © Volker Abels - I really love this photo. I'm drawn to the happiness of the children and also the colors. The shallow depth of field also gives it a nice touch by focusing only on the kids.

Sisters in Dharamsala / Monica Forss    via JULIE CRAIG's "Sisterly Love"  board

Children of the Himalayas, young girls from Dharamsala, India, 2011 - by Monica Forss, Swedish

Wind-hardened by  Anton Jankovoy :: Nepal, Himalayas, Manaslu restricted area, Prok village (2,380 m), 2012 | 1/1250 sec, f/1.4, ISO 100, FL 24 mm

Wind-hardened by Anton Jankovoy, Nepal, Himalayas, Manaslu restricted area, Prok village

Andrew Castellano - photographer. Himalayas

"Big Sis" by acastellano [first place winner of "The Family" Challenge - Touching.

Himalayan Girls, photo from Eric Valli's blog "High Himalaya" - Pixdaus

French photographer and film director Éric Valli has spent the last 20 years trekking in the unforgiving high Himalayas, with his trusty Leica always at hand.