After effects, expression driven visualization - super cool. Description in link

Mountain Graph {gif}

A concept for a  playlist based app and the transition to the player.

Audio player

3d Folding Panel by Sebastiano Guerriero for CodyHouse

3d Folding Panel

I really like folding animations (like in the Peek Calendar iOS app, or Taasky) when they fit nicely the UX flow. So I decided to give it a try and create something similar in CSS, as a new addi.

I tried 3 things here for fun: - Collapsable header behaviour - Elastic scrolling - Something creative for the card apparition  Hope you like it bros! Press

Craiglist Mobile animation

UI Interactions of the week #19

Twitter like button mashup

Twitter like button mashup

Step Explore new like button animations for media viewer Step Gather all animations in one comp Step Forget to hide layers Step Render Step 💖 🎉 This is just for fun.

Hello there,   I hope you had a great weekend. I created a collection of popular…

A collection of popular apps

Compound navigation bar - Concept Animation/Transition, I'm trying to blend multiple features into the top navigation bar, such as switching module, searching content, opening task panel... Here's...

Compound navigation bar - Concept Animation

Compound navigation bar - Concept Animation by Leo Leung - Dribbble

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