Dolly up an elastic hair band

Crochet Scrunchie – Tutorial - Too bad this isn't in english. Good thing there is a chart!

If you have basic crochet skills & the desire create, you can easily make these beaded hair elastics. DIY posted by Cathy on "Trinkets in Bloom".

beaded hair elastics diy

Hair Elastics - just put beads on crochet thread and crochet around hair elastic - never use these to hold hair, they will rip hair! Place over pony-tails or make large ones to use as hat bands!

DIY Beaded Hair Elastics DIY Hair Accessories DIY Hair Band

DIY Hair Accessories DIY Hair Band DIY Beaded Hair Elastics Note: since my hair is so long and heavy ponytails give me headaches, an elastic that can slip over my bun is a better fit.

DIY Beaded Hair Elastics

DIY #2: Beaded Hair Elastics

With basic crochet skills or just the desire to make these beaded hair elastics, you can easily add a glam touch to your next do with this DIY tutorial.