Antes usaba un despertador, con emisora de radio y todo, pero últimamente prefiero que me despierte el móvil porque la alarma es más llevadera.

I like the colour scheme here, and the geometrical aspect to it. Colours compliment each other and make the design stand out and catch your eye.

9 ELEMENTS - Layout Graphic by Chen Wu

There are many examples of balance in this design. In the darker, more colorful card on the right balanced against the lighter more open care on the left as well as some one the more colorful cards, employing elements of balance in the own design.

En el punto de mira: Piezas de diseño

En el punto de mira: Piezas de diseño

#сикетрплейс #плоский #горы

Weekly Inspiration for Designers #28

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'It's pretty rare that you meet a couple that let you do run into the creative forest freely. That was exactly what Justin and Karen let me do, which I was most happy to!We made the wedding stationery highly personal, all about the journey …

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