China doll.

Jin Greenjade, of the Greenjade Dynasty, who is the Silver Crown and rules the Waking Gardens.

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Traditional clothing special style, beautiful girl and model, include china, korea, japan tradition style

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OW u X i a — The Empress of China 武则天 Wu Zetian Fan Bing Bing .

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Sol LeWitt - Forms Derived from a Cube

editionsmatiere: “spacedbar: “ Sol Lewitt Forms Derived from a Cube, 1982 Set of twenty-four etchings with aquatint x inches x cm) ” Forms Derived from a Cube, Sol Lewitt, 1982 ”

‘The Empress Of China’ : Fan Bingbing

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In this dress I can see the majestic, power and respect of her highness The Empress of China.