Mj Kim
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Let's Meet for Coffee ~ Cafe in Oia, Santorini, Greece~ zϮ ~
Ocean View, Santorini, Greece. @thecoveteur
Kotor, Montenegro
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Kotor, Montenegro
Duckling waking up. You have to see the head shake. Too cute!!! I think I just died a little!
Stopping Older Dogs from Biting If your dog is older and has developed a long-standing or recent biting habit, it can be more of a challenge to fix it. Chances are if your dog is biting once he is an adult, he does not view you as the alpha member of his pack. You have failed to establish your dominance, so the dog has taken this role. To establish yourself as his pack leader, you must take control of his feeding times and his walking times, teach him basic commands, avoid games like…
Venice - Red Morning Light by guerel sahin