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Typography Posters. A whole bunch of outstanding design using type. Great inspiration.
Grow With Me! / Ecopackaging project/ designed by Cristina Castells, Maria Fernanda Peña, Andrea Ribera
Krikelas - Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2016/01/krikelas.html
Karton een veelzijdig verpakkings- en transportmateriaal. Royal Brinkman, Packaging & Design.
Diseños | Packaging Design for Live Microgreens (Specialty Food / Produce) | concurso Product packaging
Brooklyn Fare, a gourmet market in NYC. Branding by Mucca Design of NYC. Really humorful packaging.
Goddess Garden recently launched a new line of organic essential oils. The Aromatherapy Kits are packaged in small and medium GreenKraft clamshells. To keep all the bottles neatly in place, they sourced a local company to provide custom packaging inserts that are die cut and folded to shape. Decorative tape and a logo sticker complete the design.
innesfree-GREEN CHRISTMA  cosmetics packaging design
Recycled materials, clean but bright impact of one colour. Liking green but maybe not this tone
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