Oh those crazy display designers! LOVE the flat, space saving design! flat pack table for Art and Craft Show Display

Infographics by simon spring, via Behance

Infographics by simon spring, via Behance.aka "How NOT to display data visually" or "How to Lie with Statistics"

Product Sketching & Ideation by Mason Umholtz

So critical to go through the ideation process with an exhaustive range of sketches. Product Sketching & Ideation by Mason Umholtz, via Behance

Onboarding Screens for App on Behance

Onboarding Screens for App. Modern user interface UX, UI screen template for mobile smart phone or responsive web site. Welcome, onboarding, login, sign-up and home page layout

Sketches for lantern design by Mike Serafin

Sketches for a lantern by Mike Serafin. Excellent example showing how a good formstudy is more about quantity, variation and getting a feel for the possibilities than about being super creative or drawing perfectly.

Great concept development sketches

Designer Colin Behr came up with this New Balance Fast Hiking concept during his internship in the Fall of 2013 - "Each intern had the opportunity to