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DIY Paper Diamonds::Maybe spray paint metallic and glitterfy and display in a decorative bowl?

Pretty Pearls! I'm going to do this with smaller letters for my vanity. It'll say vintage

Letter 'wreath' made by gluing Christmas berries from the craft store to a wood letter. With the first letter to each girl in each class! Simple and easy and cute! (maybe not the Christmas berries and some other type of bead)

Cotton Wreath  I bought this handmade wreath from last year!  I LOVE it!!!  <3

Cotton Boll Wreath--Reminds me of my grandparents house in Louisiana that was surrounded by cotton fields.

cool A Full Closet Is Hidden Under This Bed by

Italian furniture manufacturer Dielle, has created what they call a ‘Container Bed’, which is a normal bed that has been raised to include storage underneath. It’s a solution designed for small apartments that often don’t have enough storage space.