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The explanation of TKD

[BOOK]<The Explanation of Official Taekwondo Poomsae>English/Korean kukkiwon

what is tkd poomsae

What is Taekwondo Poomsae? Poom Sae Book plus 1 DVD Korean English Kyu Hyung Lee


Taekwondo Air Kick Breaking DVD Revolution of Kicking II High Level Demo Skills

The science of taekwondo

The Science of Taekwondo Book English kukkiwon Tae Kwon Do Tutorial

Taekwondo Textbook

Taekwondo Textbook Edited by Kukkiwon. Edited by Kukkiwon.

Taekwondo DVD Set

The DVDs are translated & dubbed into English, French, German and Spanish, and show basic to advanced motions with detailed explanation & angled views for trainees to easily learn from the very basic to the advanced level of taekwondo.

tkd bible

Taekwondo Bible Philosophical Principles of TKD English Version Masters



ITF Poomsae DVD

This DVD shows 18 tuls with detailed explanations. ITF tul has 3 courses; for black belt holder, assistant instructor and master. this DVD includes 9 tuls for black belt holder, 9 tuls for assistant instructor.