An architectural student design project that demonstrates a balanced reciprocity of solid and void (positive/negative space). The design uses "seed shapes" that are combined to form a 10 inch square cube. The design should display a balance of solid and void of each side, and of the overall design...

An architectural student design project that demonstrates a balanced reciprocity…

One day I would like to go to Laurier University. My cousin went there and loved it and I would love to go there!

Lateran University Library / King Roselli Architetti

Glass barrier on back balcony

I'd say this is a detail from a project by Govaert Vanhoutte Architects as it comes from their excellent site.

photo © Koichi TorimuraWe love all things concrete at!

The 10 Most Architecturally Stunning Buildings In Japan

'Slit House' uses its narrow and long site to create facade with vertical slits that replace usual windows. Conceptual sculpturing of its outer walls fills the house with light.

CONTRAST: Created by using elements that conflict one another, this is a method used to create visual interest within a piece and draw the eye to specific areas.        The Ijburg House by Marc Koehler utilizes solid and void, texture and smooth glass, dark and light to demonstrate contrast.

House IJburg, Marc Koehler Architects, Amsterdam The 140 house is located on a small plot in IJburg; a recently developed suburb of the city of Amsterdam.

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